Our values are not a mere text written on a sheet of paper. The commitment acquired in the UN’s Global Compact is not a mere formality. Besides the complexity of the times we are living, we believe, and reflect, that the growth of our company must have as main pillars the values which distinguish us and the 10 Principles.

The care for the environment is important for our company. Our origins come from the recycling of cotton fibres, with which we have created new products and we give them a new life. This way, we get to lower the quantity of waste deposited in dumps and we contribute to decrease the environmental impact generated by business activities. In this regard, we are proud to have renewed and extended our SCS Certification of the United States that guarantees our thread RECOVER derives from 100 % recycled fibres.

Our concern has kept us investigating the recycling of this type of residues and we are currently developing two important projects:

  • To obtain fibres deriving from the recycling of used garments

Looking ahead, in addition to consolidate these lines of action launched, our objective is to continue the path initiated by our predecessors and to keep on working to be more competitive, generating steady employment and as a basic principle the base of our corporate strategy: our values.

Look at the 2018 sustainability report here