Innovative installations

Covering 24,000 m2 in three factories, our installations include technologically advanced machinery throughout the production process. One of the main aspects that differentiate our products from those of our competitors is our colour guarantee. Thanks to our know-how we are able to offer colour-fast yarns that are resistant to washing and dry or wet rubbing, without noticeable shade differences between lots. This is a result of our extensive experience, our knowledge of fibres and our colour control systems. Our laboratory is the cornerstone of our quality policy: all our lots are analysed before they are dispatched.

Our equipment makes it possible to achieve a highly competitive product whilst also giving us a great deal of versatility, which enables us to offer a wide range of products. Our machinery suppliers and internationally renowned technological institutes work with us to develop new products and processes. The combination of our respective experiences helps us to achieve the optimum solution for each situation. It is thanks to the advanced technology of our machines that we manage to bring the achievements of our Research and Development department to fruition.